The Internet

The Internet, as seen on 'The IT Crowd' S03E04.

As featured in ‘The IT Crowd’, the internet is surprisingly small, wireless, and, due to not weighing anything, really light. Unsurprising, it’s also really easy to get your hands on your very own Internet.


  • ABS Box H2852 = £4.89
  • 5mm Red Flashing LED = £0.38
  • 5mm LED chrome bezel = £0.92
  • CR2032 battery = £0.22
  • CR2032 battery holder = £0.90
  • 1.2K Resistor

Total = £7.31

Instructions (for Dummies)

  1. Drill 8.1mm hole in top of the ABS Box.
  2. Remove Orange 5mm LED from bezel with the aid of heat gun.
  3. Hot glue Red 5mm Flashing LED into bezel.
  4. Attach bezel to ABS box.
  5. Solder wires to contacts of CR2032 battery holder, may require scuffing the contacts of the holder and wiping with flux.
  6. Hot glue CR2032 battery holder into lid of ABS Box.
  7. Solder resistor to Red 5mm Flashing LED.
  8. Solder wires of CR2032 battery holder to Red 5mm Flashing LED and resistor, ensuring the middle pin of the CR2032 battery holder is soldered to the short leg of the Red 5mm Flashing LED.


The Internet InnardsThe Internet

Alternative Builds
While making this I found someone else had done something very similar but a tiny bit more complicated and expensive Instructables version.