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Google Glasses: A New Way to Hurt Yourself (parody of Google’s Project Glass)

Linux Tycoon

Linux Tycoon: A Linux distro building simulator! Basically take all the fun parts of building your own Linux Distro… and take out all the work. Bam! Instant entertainment!

Project Glass: One day…

Ghost in the Shell – Lego Tachikoma

Google Maps 8-bit for NES


Encode any JavaScript program to Japanese style emoticons (^_^)

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The Hackables: Episode 0 – “Grumpy Old Hacks”

The First episode of ‘The Hackables’ – A podcast made by members of the London Hackspace about Hacking, Hackspaces and what ever takes our fancy.

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Movies { as code }

Movies as code is a geek’s paradise, combining movie buffness and ninja coding skills.

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The Free Universal Construction Kit | F.A.T.

Ever wanted to connect your Legos and Tinkertoys together? Now you can — and much more. Announcing the Free Universal Construction Kit: a set of adapters for complete interoperability between 10 popular construction toys.

Their Motivation

A Lesson in Interoperability from Adapterz on Vimeo.

via The Free Universal Construction Kit | F.A.T..

Coursera Online Education

Coursera is committed to making the best education in the world freely available to any person who seeks it. We envision people throughout the world, in both developed and developing countries, using our platform to get access to world-leading education that has so far been available only to a tiny few. We see them using this education to improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in.

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