The Rainbow Oreo

Oreo, and their parent company Kraft, caused a stir recently after pledging support for gay pride by posting the above image on their Facebook fan page along with the message “Proudly support love!”. While most applauded this public action a small minority voiced their objections and began threatening to boycott Kraft products, and, not long after, the image was pulled from the page. This was saddening for many reasons; one of which was that it made it even less likely that such a fabulous looking biscuit sandwich would ever exist… but this biscuit had to happen. So, a purchase of many Oreo biscuits later:

Along with some food colouring and brushes:

We set about de-constructing biscuits and painting the fillings various colours

It was messy, it took longer than expected, and there were many casualties but the Rainbow Oreo was born.

Its life was short lived though. During some experimental squishing in order to get the filling to reach the edges like in the Facebook image the better looking of the biscuits was damaged. This was met with swift retaliation resulting in the inferior biscuit getting Hulk smooshed. It was not in vain though, the biscuits (whether smooshed, broken, or boring old non-rainbow) were all consumed and tasted delicious.